The What's It Project Introduction

Saturday March 3, 2018
Unknown What's It
Unknown What's It

Working with "What's It"

Solving the mystery that surrounds these items is fun, educational, and rewarding. We solve "What's Its" that are submitted to us from woodworkers and collectors around the world, and we are also involved in solving the "Whats It's" that are hosted by our friends the MWTCA.
As a matter of fact we have an entire forum dedicated to helping the MWTCA solve these mysteries.

Join Us

You can join us and help us solve the "Whats It's" by going to our Registration Page and sign up and enter the "What's It" Forum.

Current Whats It


Alternatively you should also visit the creators and inventors of the "What's It" concept, the Mid West Tool Collectors Association. You can view many of their "What's It" items at their dedicated page by clicking on the proceeding link.

The official logo of the MWTCA
The official logo of the MWTCA

Patriot Woodworker "What's It" Forum