Welcome to our Supporters page. The articles you see displayed on this page are our supporters. These retailers are our main funding source for the veterans projects we are involved in. In addition our supporters also help offset the expenses related to operating an online woodworking community.

We are honored that we have the supporters we have, they are truly on the side of our American Veterans, and they do so much in the way of advocating and advancing our world of woodworking.

Laguna Tools

Author: John Morris - Published 2018-01-27 17:46 - (0 Reads)

Laguna Tools owners Catherine and Torben Helshoj immigrated to the United States from Denmark and opened their business in the U.S. They are staunch supporters of our men and women in the Armed Forces here in the United States, they appreciate their hard work and sacrifices and give thanks in many ways. One way is to support The Patriot Woodworker’s projects that are geared towards our American Veterans and especially veterans with disabilities.


Author: John Morris - Published 2018-01-27 17:13 - (0 Reads)

Woodcraft Supply is one of the leading retailers in the industry of woodworking arts, crafts and trades. Read about how Woodcraft became a sponsor of our woodworking community.
Woodcraft, supporters of our fighting men and women of our Armed Forces, and the Veterans our online woodworking community serves.

Easy Wood Tools

Author: John Morris - Published 2018-01-26 21:00 - (0 Reads)

Easy Wood Tools manufactures wood turning tools and accessories all right here in The United States of America, it was only natural that a great American owned company like Easy Wood Tools, would team up with a great American woodworking online community such as The Patriot Woodworker's.
Easy Wood Tools, Made in America, with American Labor, and sold to the world!

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